The Operating System for Your Community

Run your entire community in one place.
Bloom streamlines operations for membership-based communities helping to increase engagement, measure impact and save time.
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Run a vibrant, member-focused community.

Increase Engagement

Breathe life into your community.

It shouldn’t feel like your members are just an audience. Give your members the ability to interact with each other and deepen their relationship to your community with a lively member directory and facilitated 1:1 meetups.

Full ownership

Your community, your vision.

You can customize your community to meet your needs. Collect data on the metrics that are most important to you. Customize the color scheme of your platform to fit your community brand.

Increase revenue

Simplify your payments.

No more tracking payments via spreadsheets. We streamline member payments and supporter donations to help you increase recurring revenue and keep your community strong.

Save time

Automate the busy work.

Are you tired of sending multiple Slack messages or emails reminding your members to fill out surveys? Do you have to keep reaching out to members to make sure their information is up to date? Don’t let the busy work bog you down. We’ve got you covered.

What our users are saying.

Jehron Petty
Founder @ ColorStack

“Bloom has the potential to save me a lot of trouble as a community manager. I typically use Slack, Mailchimp, Airtable, Eventbrite and Zoom to host my community. Bloom will have the essential functionality of all these in one platform.”

Shannon Cohall
Secretary @ Cornell Black Alumni Association

“I’m very impressed with this tool! A lot is captured in this platform that we can really use. Rather than having to fit into another platform, it feels like this platform caters to us and what we need.”

Get ready to Bloom.

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